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I am really bored right now


need to write something new.....

                 new paper to write too.....

                             Creative flow is blocked....


25 Random Things

1-I hate pushiness and rudeness

2-Right now I am really craving a vegan brownie from mrs greens

3-I have a chronic fear of aliens from outerspace

4-I HATE the color yellow

5-I'm addicted to online things especially things like meez and menewsha

6-The only thing I hate about being vegan is the attitude from other people and the constant questioning about it(ie if you where trapped on a desert island woul you eat meat? which brings me to my next number)...

7-I would rather DIE then eat the carcass ie muscle, tendon, skin, teeth, internal organ, breast milk, breast milk products, or miscarried feotus or the period of an animal.

8-There's so much that I want to do with my life that it causes me to stagnate...leaving me unsure with what i really want.

9-I want to be an author

10-I hate animal abuse

11-I don’t leave people, either they push me away or they go away-and if I am being pushed then I’ll leave. And I will stay there even if I feel like I am being mistreated because I wouldn’t want to hurt someone I cared about…but if I am asked how I feel and I finally can’t take it anymore then I expect to be listened to as I have to the other person-and I do not like being the replacement for another’s absence….oh yeahhh and I think that cat and goat people should totally exist…then I would definitely not be single right now. :p

12-I want to discover a hidden civilization and I want to travel and see the world. I want to be a journalist, a photographer, an anthropologist, to make electronic music and be a paranormal investigator…

13-I’m terrified of the baby in the sun on teletubbies and of big bird(seriously what kind of canary is that thing?)

14-I’m a good friend to those that are fair and true to me and if you’ll let me I’ll be your friend.

15-I’m not afraid to die, however I am afraid of the idea of coming back to life a Zombie…

16-Its really hard for me to speak up for myself and when I do, I tend to go big with it.

17-I consider myself to be a very unkind person, because of my thoughts towards other people, I keep my actions to myself.

18-Sometimes I wish that I could come out of a mirror or a tv and scare people….just so they know what its like to be afraid and to understand what it is like to feel like you have nothing.

19-I will never allow someone to be my bestfriend, but I’ll always try to be someone elses-I figure that getting to close to people can sometimes be a worse fate then being alone.

20-I have two poems published

21-I like random conversations that lead no where and conversations that lead anywhere.

22-I name everything, like bugs and stuff….for all who may or may not remember, Sir Quentin has been released.

23- jealously or greed to me are equivalent to arsenic.

24-I want a crystal skull-if you know what that is then youre awesome.

25-I wanna have a 2021 party and I want to make sure that the timing is perfect…if youre in, do say so.

Writer's Block: Taking It Personally

Have you ever taken a personality test like the Myers-Briggs or Enneagram? If so, did you agree with the results? And what was your type?
I did, but I don't remember what I got on it....I should retake it.


Well this is my first entry and while it isnt my first time on Live Journal, it is the first time that I intend to continue to post on here-I usually forget my account and everything by the time I remember that I have one.

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